Monday, 21 September 2015

National Open University Of Nigeria Courseware Guides For Students

I would love to speak on the topic of the NOUN coursewares, because most people don't have an idea as to what the NOUN courseware is and how it works.

The truth about this issue is that the NOUN course have lots of advantages and students of the institution can check their programme course and use the course ware to study and gain indepth knowledge about their choosen courses and program.

Are you confused on how to use the National Open University of Nigeria - Noun Course ware material? Then don't worry, because we've share a complete detailed guidelines on how to use the NOUN online digital e-learning system.

What is an Open CourseWare?

This is one question we've received from several candidates and students alike, but i will try my best to define this and hope you understands it.

An open course ware system is an online e-learning repository, which is somehow like a Library, but totally online. It can also be defined as an online Library, where you can search and study some specific courses/programmes which are related to you, and just in case you're not aware, the Noun Course Material are totally free for all persons to download.

However, take note that this course materials are downloadable and can be viewed only with a device, mainly mobile phones, laptop computer or PC, or any other device which can connect to the internet.

Please take note that the National Open University of Nigeria e-Courseware educational material is a repository, which have in bulk details, huge available digital course material of the National Open University that will help you in your cause of studies.

Please take note that this is ONLY valid for NOUN students, students of other Nigeria tertiary institution should stay aware from this educative course materials.

So therefore, using this medium, i would love to enlighten all Noun students, especially those who have not been making good use of the tertiary institution online open course ware system, that they can now start using it.

it will interest you to note that the senate board and authorities of National open university of Nigeria lunched her courseware system since late 2013.

Important NOTE:

It is very important for all candidates of the University to note here, that the school authorities highly frown on the use of its e-Courseware for any of the following reasons listed below;
Financial purposes other than Educational.

Please take note that the NOUN e-Courseware is part of the school contributions towards Open Educational Resource (OER) initiative and as such should be used in that regard.